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Keep growing your foreign organisation – recruit students from abroad for the IMBIT program!

Disclaimer: We were not able to allocate the necessary resources for this international course. We can offer it fall 2017 at the earliest. You’re welcome to apply for the standard IMBIT course if your skills of the German language are good enough.

Starting soon, the alternate working study program of international business IT at the DHBW Mannheim is going to implement a program taught entirely in English to allow for more foreign applicants. For the first time, German enterprises and their foreign organisations will be enabled to recruit external students and management trainees on a grander scale for academic studies according to DHBW standards. German as a foreign language will be a mandatory course throughout the six semesters. This program adheres to the regular IMBIT curriculum covering IT, business, law and intercultural topics. IMBIT alumni graduate in business IT with a profound understanding of business processes and management challenges; the degree is a Bachelor of Science with 210 ECTS units.

About DHBW

The DHBW, the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, is the first university in Germany to thightly integrate academic studies and work experience; it is a legal entity of public law and simultaneously a state institution. The DHBW (and its predecessor) has had partnerships with hundreds of enterprises, small and large, for nearly fourty years. Per year, thousands of students graduate from the DHBW in the fields of economics, engineering, information technology and others. The DHBW headquarters is in Stuttgart with eight main campuses throughout the state. 

This IMBIT Mannheim program is intended for enterprises based in Germany with a need to recruit trained personnel for their operations abroad – e.g. manufacturing, sourcing, distribution, consulting, IT etc.. Company size does not matter as long as proper on-the-job training is assured.

This program is open for students from all over the world. We see opportunities to recruit students from Spain and Portugal, Eastern Europe and Russia, China, India, Brazil, Vietnam. As a side note – foreign candidates with proficient German language skills are encouraged to join the existing IMBIT courses as have many others already done.

• Interested enterprises should sign the usual DHBW partner agreement with the IMBIT Mannheim study program. The agreement is between DHBW and the German company not with its foreign subsidary or partner organisation.

• The company and its foreign organisation recruit study candidates in the foreign country and provide DHBW with the proper documents to pre-check formal requirements.

• DHBW may pre-check whether legal requirements for admission are fulfilled. If the pre-check is successful, official certified documents have to be provided for check.

• The company signs the usual DHBW traineeship agreement with the candidate for a three year period starting in October. German laws apply.

• The candidate must apply for a student visa.

• When all requirements are fulfilled, the DHBW will enroll the candidate.

• These steps will take time; allow for at least three months.

• The company provides the student with the usual monthly remuneration for study time at the university as well as for trainee time with the respective company.

• DHBW does not charge enrollment or tuition fees. The student is obliged to pay marginal service fees. There are no payments from the company to DHBW.

• The IMBIT Mannheim program demands at least one practical phase abroad which typically incurs additional costs for the company.

• In principle, anybody can study at the DHBW who fulfills the entrance requirements regardless of nationality.

• Students do not require a work permit for the DHBW course as the practical phase is an integral part of the dual degree program.

• The candidate must provide an equivalent to the German university entrance examination – in Germany typically the Abitur. For the initial phase of this IMBIT program it is recommended to consider candidates who already studied at or even graduated from a university in their native country. The requirements vary greatly from country to country.

• The program is run in English. Therefore German language skills are not required, but sufficient English skills are. German is a mandatory study in this program.

• The candidate has to apply for a German student visa and for the right of residence. Non-EU candidates typically have to apply from their home country. Again, the requirements vary greatly from country to country.

The key feature of dual, practice-oriented degree programs is alternating three-month phases, with students learning theory at the university and receiving practical training from an enterprise or social institution. The IMBIT curriculum covers:

• Business information technology

• Business administration

• Intercultural communication and international management

• Basics of scientific working

General Information about admission requirements for students from different home countries and about academic recognition is provided by the Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural AffairsConference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

• We strongly recommend to recruit students for this IMBIT program who already got a university degree, e.g. a Bachelor of Honors, in their home country. The field of study does not matter.

• EU applicants from continental Europe may typically apply with their baccalaureate.

• Students from UK may apply with an Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE), a General Certificate of Education - Advanced Level / Advanced Subsidiary Level or a Scottish Qualifications Certificate (SQC).

• Applicants who successfully studied in a similar field for two years (in some cases one year) at an accredited university in Russia, China, Vietnam, Brazil may apply.

• There may be further requirements for applicants from China and Vietnam.

• IMBIT Mannheim will run the program for foreign students starting no sooner than fall 2017 and is the primary contact for interested companies. Please direct inquiries to imbit(at)dhbw-mannheim.de.

• The international office at DHBW Mannheim gives advice with regard to legal requirements and can provide contact information at foreign universities for the recruitment process as desired. Please contact international(at)dhbw-mannheim.de.

• The DHBW office for international relations in Stuttgart handles the formal assessment requests of foreign educational credentials for foreign students. More information contact please ias(at)dhbw.de.

• There will be a workshop about this program with interested companies at the DHBW Mannheim campus. Please check the IMBIT web site for details. 

• Head of IMBIT department at DHBW Mannheim:

Prof. Mayr, mayr(at)dhbw-mannheim.de

Prof. Dr. Hoch, hoch(at)dhbw-mannheim.de

Web site imbit.dhbw-mannheim.de

• Head of international office at DHBW Mannheim:

Mr. Münch, carsten.muench(at)dhbw-mannheim.de

Web site io.dhbw-mannheim.de

• DHBW website in English www.dhbw.de/english




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